SL Hunts, Games & Quests

SL Hunts & Quests

One of my best things to do in SL are the hunts and quests.

Hunts are normally grid wide hunts. This involves looking for a specific object in each location.

The reason that I love doing these hunts is because I love following clues and there is so much satisfaction in eventually finding the object that you are looking for. Most hunts have groups that can be joined and people are very friendly and helpful. You might even find yourself joining up with people along the route, working as a team is fun! This can also be a good way to give your inventory a boost with a lot of gifts from the very generous creators.

Along the way if you are prone to being A.D.D, you will be distracted by all the shops have to offer. Most have lovely gifts, or wonderful specials. If you are like me you will leave with a brand new outfit.

The quests are normally great for the brain with various puzzles, items to hunt and problems to solve.

In my blog I will be highlighting these and giving a link of where to start.

Some are ongoing and others only last for a set period.

Please leave a comment below if you have a hunt / quest that you would like to share.

Chrystal Terr-iffic

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