Twisted Hunt Fall 2018 Inferno


10th Anniversary Fall Grid Wide Hunt!

Hunt Now Started!

Dates: September 1-30, 2018.

Theme: Inferno

Check out their website:

The 20th biannual Twisted Hunt is running through 1 – 30th September 2018, Inferno is the theme! This is known as SL hardest grid hunt. The merchants have made wonderful hunt prizes, and some stores have side hunts. There are fun gatchas, special Twisted Inferno sales item and if you are like me you will check out all the stores group gifts and specials.

If you feel you are able to take on the toughest and hardest hunt in sl then head on down to Twisted Headquarters

New to the hunt? You should probably start here:

Hunters, don’t forget that many stores have bonus gifts, be sure to hit the Twisted Easel when you see it for information on sales, bonuses, and other cool stuff – including hunt hints!

A note from the creators regarding the hunt:

Please be aware, the hunt group is rated as a mature content group. The hunt is not intended for children or child avatars. We have not banned child avatars however those choosing to use such an avatar should be aware that there are in fact locations that are in this hunt that do not allow child avatars and that is up to each location to choose. We do not market this hunt in any way nor do we take merchants who market directly to child avatars. The prizes and extras found on the hunt and in many of our merchants stores may contain graphic and adult oriented content.


Fall 2018 Twisted Hunt Merchant List:

This page opens the links to the map in a new tab or window depending on your browser and personal settings. If you prefer to have them open in the same tab or window and use the browser back button please use this version of the page instead! You should also use THAT Version if you use the built in browser in SL!

Grab the start cube at headquarters to get started on the hunt with your first gift, every cube in all stores will be the same size, color, texture, etc as this first one!

Start here:

  1. Twisted Headquarters Hunt Start Point
  2. Secrets of Gaia
  3. :{MV}:
  4. Attitude is an Artform
  5. #hashbang!
  6. Roawenwood
  7. Archaic
  9. ~*sweet Revolutions*~
  10. Fallen Gods Inc.
  11. Lilith’s Den
  12. Kitty Creations
  13. Sn@tch
  14. Gothic Desires
  15. Roped Passions
  16. { collect }
  17. Love Everlasting Home & Garden Store
  18. Hearth & Home
  19. Arcadia
  20. Grey’s Mind Maze
  21. Grim Death Co
  22. Dekute Dekore
  23. The Crones Garden
  24. Get Frocked
  25. Moonlitecat Creations
  26. =EC Designs=
  27. Little 2 Large
  28. {Acios}
  29. ~{The Purple Facade}~
  30. Timeless Textures
  31. Davine Innovations
  32. ~SongBird~
  33. Black Rose Designs Temp Skip
  34. Inevitable Madness Temp Skip
  35. Astara
  36. United InshCon
  37. VH
  38. Dramazone
  39. Latex Station
  40. De Baza
  41. Spyralle
  42. Mishmash Fusion
  43. Painfully Divine
  44. Adorably Strange Wares
  45. GalleryOne
  46. Deadly Nightshade
  47. Applique` Chic
  48. ~MystRie~
  49. Simply Designed
  50. DragonFyre Designs
  51. Magnum Opus
  52. Aster’s Builts, Wedding Invitations and Accessories
  53. by Page Creations
  54. 1313 Mockingbird Lane
  55. .:: Little Indulgences ::.
  56. Steel&Ink
  57. **DSO**
  58. Miley’s Speedshop
  59. Kittycat’s Creations
  60. Global Nomads
  61. Lunistice
  62. CNZ
  63. Children Of Ares Temp Skip
  64. Lunar Seasonal Designs
  66. Store Dropped
  67. Deluxe Body Factory Temp Skip
  68. by Chiana Oh
  69. E-mesh Temp Skip
  70. Grogo’s Gadgets
  71. END HERE:
  72. Twisted End Game: Journey Through Hell
  73. The location of end game is not published, there will be no link here for it! Prize at start, then many prizes once finished as well as collectoin of gachas from merchants in the hunt!

Enjoy yourself, must admit after hearing how hard it is. I’m nervous to even start looking.

I found the easy peasy first one. I would really like to find the cube at Snatch, they have a stunning laced red gown. Take a look at this link

Hope to meet on the hunt.

Chrystal Terr

Being Terrific in sl!!

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