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Hey Terrific people

Today, I am going to share my favourite possession in SL.

Have you ever found an item in SL that can be described as simply fabulous, and something that you just can’t do without. This is how i feel about Carlye Thea Solutions Wardrobe. It helps to take an inventory nightmare into an organised pleasure.

It is described like this on Carlye Thea’s website:

The Wardrobe is (CTS)’s must-have: an easy-to-use organizer for your outfits. The Wardrobe HUD gives you access to your personal Wardrobe website, to which you upload snapshots of your outfits, and from which you can wear them directly.

The wardrobe costs L$699

And can be bought on Marketplace or inworld (Click links below)

In your SL inventory, you are able to create outfits, but I don’t enjoy using this option because it brings up that item again and again in your inventory. So if you have 10 outfits using your shape it will show up 10 times in your inventory. I find this very distracting.

The wardrobe uses RLV, through your inventory, (see below for link to find out how to set this up). You connect your wardrobe HUD inworld, and you can view everything you have entered into your wardrobe in SL or on your own personal Wardrobe Website.

mmm What should I wear?

You find the item that you want to wear, click on it and hey presto you are wearing it. The one thing that I always wished SL had, was a option where you could scroll through photos of every item that you had purchased. This is what the wardrobe provides, after you have taken the time to save these into your wardrobe, and moved this item into your RLV folder in your inventory. As you can see in my photographs a wardrobe can be rezzed inworld and you are able to browse through, very cool if you are wanting to show a friend the outfit you are wearing tonight. The wardrobe does make it possible to create links to share and it allows different permissions, and time limits. So I am able to create a link for you to view all items, for the next hour; I am also able to create a link where you can view all my items and dress me. I have seen some wardrobe owners that have permanent links in their profile, granting permission to all, encouraging anyone to change their outfit … personally I’m not this brave.

To get started I would recommend that you take some time and go through these links below. Some awesome SL residents have taken a lot of trouble to make youtube videos and blogs. Buttacwup Princess’s Video turorials helped me so much after I had converted to a mesh body.

Getting Started — Wardrobe manual.

Additional Resources

Video Tutorials

Buttacwup Pwincess’s Video Tutorials.

Introductory Tutorial by Marisol Verdugo.

Victoria Fairlady’s Video Tutorials.

Wiki / Tips

Wardrobe Wiki

Wardrobe Samples — Shared Wardrobe Links and Tips, curated by Buttacwup Pwincess


Wardrobe Demo Webpage

Text Tutorials

Getting Started Guide – CTS Wardrobe (by Buttacwup Pwincess)


My CTS Wardrobe – Inventory Management (by Amberle, a.k.a. Lilith Lupindo)


A Wardrobe Tutorial (by DoctorKaren Kanto).


A Wardrobe Tutorial for RLV (by Chase Eternal).

Have a look at Carlye Thea’s website for more super items, that work with the wardrobe, and some fun RLV play.

Enjoy and here’s to an organised inventory


Chrystal Terr

Making SL a Terr-ific place to be

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