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Halloween S&!t-yourself Rides

Hello terrific people

I know its almost the end of October and Halloween is just a few days away; here are some awesome things to do for Halloween, before its all over.

DRD – Death Row Designs Hunts

I committed the Paynesworths!!

Death Row Designs Halloween theme is The Asylum, and there are 2 hunts namely:

The Asylum Hunt and The Paynesworth Family Hunt

I love these because you get discover the family’s skeletons in the closet (Evil laugh). This hunt is still running until November 10th and there’s a photo competition too

Have a look at the website for more information: Death Row Design

Disclaimer – Beware you might lose your mind!!

Teleport: Death Row Designs

Haunted – Feel like a haunted ride?

‘Haunted’ has a sorta scary, very scenic train ride that lasts 20 minutes. We went twice!! Click here to get there Haunted

Halloween @ Embraced

If blood & gore don’t scare you then maybe Darkness will!
Three main rides, including the brand new “The Ghastly Manor” built by Kuva Nishi,  2 rides tours (Train and Haunted Doombuggy), Dark Pirate Ship & zipline to the Pirate Cove.  There are 3 gifts to be collected

I highly recommend this sim which is owned by: Aislen Atheria & Kuva Nishi

Runs until 3rd November

Here is your ride:  Embraced

MadPeas ~ Halls of Horror Interactive Hunt

An innocent night of trick or treating leads you to a mysterious mansion and a harrowing fight for your life! A spooky interactive adventure that will have you screaming for more from MadPea. Will you survive the Halls of Horror and win all the prizes? 

This is a paid hunt but at the end of it you will be getting some pretty cool gifts from some really great collaborators

Cost of this Hunt: 300L$

Here’s your ride:  Halls of Horror Start

The Haunted Mansion


Here there are getting 6 parts to explore

  • Haunted Mansion ride that is based on Disneys
  • Walk through insane asylum
  • An abandoned 1950’s thrill ride
  • zombie battle post-apocalyptic domed city

THE HAUNTED MANSION RIDE Thrill Ride scary haunted house carnival horror EVIL DEAD hunt Oculus vr & home to the Fun Rides and Amusement Parks of SL group. disney tribute 100,000 visitors bring friends and family friendly fun year round halloween FREE

Heres your ride: The Haunted Mansion Ride


Scare yourselves silly

Chrystal Terr

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