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Halloween S&!t-yourself Rides

Hello terrific people

I know its almost the end of October and Halloween is just a few days away; here are some awesome things to do for Halloween, before its all over.

DRD – Death Row Designs Hunts

I committed the Paynesworths!!

Death Row Designs Halloween theme is The Asylum, and there are 2 hunts namely:

The Asylum Hunt and The Paynesworth Family Hunt

I love these because you get discover the family’s skeletons in the closet (Evil laugh). This hunt is still running until November 10th and there’s a photo competition too

Have a look at the website for more information: Death Row Design

Disclaimer – Beware you might lose your mind!!

Teleport: Death Row Designs

Haunted – Feel like a haunted ride?

‘Haunted’ has a sorta scary, very scenic train ride that lasts 20 minutes. We went twice!! Click here to get there Haunted

Halloween @ Embraced

If blood & gore don’t scare you then maybe Darkness will!
Three main rides, including the brand new “The Ghastly Manor” built by Kuva Nishi,  2 rides tours (Train and Haunted Doombuggy), Dark Pirate Ship & zipline to the Pirate Cove.  There are 3 gifts to be collected

I highly recommend this sim which is owned by: Aislen Atheria & Kuva Nishi

Runs until 3rd November

Here is your ride:  Embraced

MadPeas ~ Halls of Horror Interactive Hunt

An innocent night of trick or treating leads you to a mysterious mansion and a harrowing fight for your life! A spooky interactive adventure that will have you screaming for more from MadPea. Will you survive the Halls of Horror and win all the prizes? 

This is a paid hunt but at the end of it you will be getting some pretty cool gifts from some really great collaborators

Cost of this Hunt: 300L$

Here’s your ride:  Halls of Horror Start

The Haunted Mansion


Here there are getting 6 parts to explore

  • Haunted Mansion ride that is based on Disneys
  • Walk through insane asylum
  • An abandoned 1950’s thrill ride
  • zombie battle post-apocalyptic domed city

THE HAUNTED MANSION RIDE Thrill Ride scary haunted house carnival horror EVIL DEAD hunt Oculus vr & home to the Fun Rides and Amusement Parks of SL group. disney tribute 100,000 visitors bring friends and family friendly fun year round halloween FREE

Heres your ride: The Haunted Mansion Ride


Scare yourselves silly

Chrystal Terr

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Go find that Toilet Paper!!!

Toilet Paper Hunt at Safira Mainstore


With the Covid-19 virus being a threat in all countries, Safira have given some comic relief and hidden 3 toilet paper rolls around the store. Each roll has a gift inside. With all the running around I even managed to get some stuck on my shoe.

While you are at the store you can see if your lucky letter comes up, and grab the all the group gifts that are there.

Safira Group costs 50L$ to join.

Telport to the store: Safira Mainstore

Go find that toilet paper, happy hunting and gift finding ♥ Stay healthy and look after yourselves x

♥ Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts · SL Hunts, Games & Quests

Twisted Hunt 2020


Gina and I searching for that elusive block

The 2020 Twisted Hunt is running from the 1 – 31st March and its not called that by accident, trust me its tough and there are many frustrating decoys. The hunt is free to do, and the theme is Cyberpunk. This hunt is so ‘Twisted’ that there are no clues; but I have found some locations that will give a clue. The Twisted hunt group is free to join and the people are helpful and friendly and might pass on a hint if you ask nicely. The group pride themselves on being called a community, and it doesn’t take long to work out why. I thought that I’d be nice and help you on your way with a clue for the first location. Get the Spring 2020 Merchant list and LM’s here

Can you find it?

  • Start: first location
  • Looking for: Small translucent cube, see picture below
  • Cost 0L$
  • Group Join: Free
  • No of items: 62
  • Awesome end game – still waiting to be announced
  • Good hunt to make friends

Can you find it?

The end game, seems to be on everyone’s lips … sounds like a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to get there.

Click here to get to the 2020 Twisted Hunt website.

Hope to see you on the hunt.

♥ Chrystal Terr ♥

SL Hunts, Games & Quests

Adventure Land – Aztec Temple


While exploring the floor gives way under your feet and you find yourself in a semi collapsed corridor. You look around but the only way open to you is forward.

It seems you may have found an entry in the mythical Aztec temple, that has been on everyone lips for centuries; but now … you have to find the exit.

Looking around as you approach the entrance you see a skeleton lying on the floor and above on the lintel seems some ancient markings have been etched; would this be a clue of how to get out of this place?

If you enjoy solving puzzles and love adventure then you must attempt to solve the mystery of Aztec temple. This is one of the few adventures that can be found at the Adventure Island sim.

  • Where: Adventure Land (Click here to teleport to the island)
  • Cost: 0L$
  • 4 Parts:
    • 1. Sisters
    • 2. Virachocha
    • 3. Quetzalcoatl
    • 4. Xipe Totec

Have fun and enjoy!! Please leave a comment letting me know if you have accepted the challenge and how you have fared.

Have a look at my previous post about Adventure Land.

♥ Chrystal ♥

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October and Halloween fever is only a few days away; which means that one of SL’s best interactive games is looming on the horizon. Octoberville is a must if you have a sense of adventure and would like to work that brain, but take heed its not for the faint hearted.

Octoberville 2018 is called ‘Death comes to town’ and will be running from the 1 – 31 October 2018.

There is nothing in SL that can match this experience, and its highly competitive. Normally the people that make the 1st 10 spots have stayed awake day and night to solve the puzzles, figure out all the clues, beat the maze; and find all 100 items that jump around all over the sim, (Yes!! Even time you find an item it moves to a new location). When you first arrive at the sim you make your way to the starting point and you get your HUD. As you progress with the game, more items and quests get unlocked.

If you enjoy Halloween and fall you have to visit the sim even if it’s just to appreciate the town that makes it appearance for only one month of the year. The people that do this hunt are so kind and helpful, and there is always someone around willing to give clues and hints.

Octoberville is not only about work and no play, the Crowbar holds lots of parties to chill and relax.

Octoberville Wall of fame

I would highly recommend joining the inworld Octoberville group if you are going to be doing the hunt.

Checkout these websites for more information:

Facebook Octoberville

Octoberville SL Group

Octoberville Website

Octoberville Taxi: Octoberville 2018


SL Hunts, Games & Quests

SL Hunts & Quests

One of my best things to do in SL are the hunts and quests.

Hunts are normally grid wide hunts. This involves looking for a specific object in each location.

The reason that I love doing these hunts is because I love following clues and there is so much satisfaction in eventually finding the object that you are looking for. Most hunts have groups that can be joined and people are very friendly and helpful. You might even find yourself joining up with people along the route, working as a team is fun! This can also be a good way to give your inventory a boost with a lot of gifts from the very generous creators.

Along the way if you are prone to being A.D.D, you will be distracted by all the shops have to offer. Most have lovely gifts, or wonderful specials. If you are like me you will leave with a brand new outfit.

The quests are normally great for the brain with various puzzles, items to hunt and problems to solve.

In my blog I will be highlighting these and giving a link of where to start.

Some are ongoing and others only last for a set period.

Please leave a comment below if you have a hunt / quest that you would like to share.

Chrystal Terr-iffic