Giant Snail races


LM:  Racing Fun

Yes you read right … GIANT Snail races!!!

This weekend 15 and 16 May 2020 there are relay for life races, start time is 11:00AM get there by 10:30 ish.  This is where the race will take place, click HERE to tp.

Giant snail races take place every Saturday at 10.30 in SL.  This is where it all happens – Racing Fun

Slow and steady wins the race that’s for sure, for me.

You have 2 options: race as yourself and get the arrow hud, or become a HUGE snail and race as fast as you possibly can along an obstacle course, avoiding sharks and cars oh and cows.  If you are just wanting to be a spectator that’s another option and you will be able to listen to the commentary.

On Fridays you are able to race as yourself.

You can watch the latest races on YouTube and here is the link for the 2020 Mother’ day race

Click this link to learn about how to race: Giant snail racing made easy

These races occur every Saturday, and it seems like a huge event, people get all dressed up and attend.

Where: Racing fun

Have an absolute fabulous time

Chrystal Terr ♥