Escape Room – The Cabin



The Cabin stands alone on a quiet street. Is it fate that your car breaks down outside or is it some unsuspecting evil force?  It turns out that your cell phone has no signal and the only solution is to seek for help inside. It takes courage to approach the house and knock on the door.  Peering inside you see a phone and relief washes over you. Help it seems is only a phone call away. When you get no answer to the knock on the door, you try the door and find it open.  Looking around to make sure no one is watching you step inside making your way to the phone. Raising the phone to your ear, you discover that it is dead and it’s at this point that the door slams.  Dropping the phone and rushing to door you find that you are locked in with no chance of escape. Will you be able to solve the mystery of the cabin and free yourself?

The Cabin is one of Mad Pea newest interactive ‘The Escape Room’ games.  . When touching the door you are given a HUD to wear, which monitors your progress, and you will be prompted to allow experiences; this is completely safe to do.  Once inside you have an hour to solve the mystery and escape. I must admit it’s a great help to do this with friends, but the nice thing is that if you don’t manage it in an hour you are able to try again and again and again ….

Cost : 0$L


MadPea’s new escape room, the Cabin. Can you escape the cabin after your car broke down outside?


Mad Pea World = The Cabin

This is one of Mad Peas take home games and the whole game can be purchased and rezzed on your land.  Cost to purchase the whole build costs 1999L$.  This can be purchased from the MarketPlace or at MadPea’s main store.

Read about all the details on the mad pea website.

Go and have fun and be terrific

Chrystal ♥

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October and Halloween fever is only a few days away; which means that one of SL’s best interactive games is looming on the horizon. Octoberville is a must if you have a sense of adventure and would like to work that brain, but take heed its not for the faint hearted.

Octoberville 2018 is called ‘Death comes to town’ and will be running from the 1 – 31 October 2018.

There is nothing in SL that can match this experience, and its highly competitive. Normally the people that make the 1st 10 spots have stayed awake day and night to solve the puzzles, figure out all the clues, beat the maze; and find all 100 items that jump around all over the sim, (Yes!! Even time you find an item it moves to a new location). When you first arrive at the sim you make your way to the starting point and you get your HUD. As you progress with the game, more items and quests get unlocked.

If you enjoy Halloween and fall you have to visit the sim even if it’s just to appreciate the town that makes it appearance for only one month of the year. The people that do this hunt are so kind and helpful, and there is always someone around willing to give clues and hints.

Octoberville is not only about work and no play, the Crowbar holds lots of parties to chill and relax.

Octoberville Wall of fame

I would highly recommend joining the inworld Octoberville group if you are going to be doing the hunt.

Checkout these websites for more information:

Facebook Octoberville

Octoberville SL Group

Octoberville Website

Octoberville Taxi: Octoberville 2018