Aloha Beach

Aloha Beach

Hey Guys

Surfs up at Aloha Beach. That’s what I love best about SL is that the weather can be whatever you want it to be.

For us it was a hot Sunday. We were wondering around, picking up some Freebies at Nerenzo and Naughty and Nice, (click the links to find out more about these gifts) when we bumped into Brent who told us about the awesome waves at Aloha Beach. He suggested that we take in the sites of the sim first and fly the hang Gliders to the beach.

Then we headed for the waves. The water was perfect. There are free boards available on the beach, if you would like the instructions please leave a comment of give me a shout inworld and I will post them.

Chrystal – Photo taken by Dread
Dread riding the waves

After all this fun we went and tried our hand at skateboarding, doesn’t Dread look sharp?

Aloha Beach has quite a few fun things to do:


Hang gliding

Skate boarding


So grab your besties and head on down to the beach.

Keeping SL Terr-ific

♥ Chrystal Terr ♥

Leave a comment say Hi! Or just let me know about your experiences, or favourite SL place.

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