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Monsters by Cica Ghost

Monsters tea party
Taking a chance and dancing on the table

I am not going to write much, all I have to say is:

Drop what ever you are doing right now, and get yourself over to Cica Ghost’s ~ Monsters!! , before it’s gone!! Her art work is always super fun and if you fall in love with it, it’s usual up for sale. For more info about Cica, see the links below.

If you do pay the sim a visit please leave a comment below; the follow button is below, it would really make my day if you click that too.

Keep smiling and stay Terrific

Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts

Annika Hair Dollarbie

This is the second Vallani dollarbie that is available for you on mp

Vallani Dollarbie click Here to get it for 1L on mp

This hair uses Vallani’s Animate Hud to bring your hair to life, you can choose from a wide array of bento animations for your hair.

4 Style Options are included for diverse customization.

60 different tintable textures allow to find the hair color true to you!

Please let me know if you do get this hair, would love to see some photos. Don’t be shy to click the the follow button below.

Stay Terrific

Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts

Vallani Ellie Hair Dollarbie

Vallani ~ Ellie Hair Gift [Bento Animated]

As promised everyone here is another dollarbie that I found on Market Place.

Click here for this pretty Bento Hair that only costs 1L$ on mp.

This has an Animate Hud to bring your hair to life. With the click of a button you can choose from a wide array of bento animations for your hair.

4 Style Options are included for diverse customization.

60 different tintable textures allow to find the hair color true to you!

Please share a photo if you do get it, would love to see how look, and please click the follow button thats below somewhere ♥

Stay Terrific in SL

Chrystal ♥


Giant Snail races


LM:  Racing Fun

Yes you read right … GIANT Snail races!!!

This weekend 15 and 16 May 2020 there are relay for life races, start time is 11:00AM get there by 10:30 ish.  This is where the race will take place, click HERE to tp.

Giant snail races take place every Saturday at 10.30 in SL.  This is where it all happens – Racing Fun

Slow and steady wins the race that’s for sure, for me.

You have 2 options: race as yourself and get the arrow hud, or become a HUGE snail and race as fast as you possibly can along an obstacle course, avoiding sharks and cars oh and cows.  If you are just wanting to be a spectator that’s another option and you will be able to listen to the commentary.

On Fridays you are able to race as yourself.

You can watch the latest races on YouTube and here is the link for the 2020 Mother’ day race

Click this link to learn about how to race: Giant snail racing made easy

These races occur every Saturday, and it seems like a huge event, people get all dressed up and attend.

Where: Racing fun

Have an absolute fabulous time

Chrystal Terr ♥

Free Gifts

Nerenzo Group Gift

Nerenzo’s current group gift are these Poufs. You get both adult and pg.

They are fun and fabulous and the textures can be changed. In order to get them you need to belong to the group which costs 50L. To me its great value because you get a few nice gifts during the year.

While you are there do take a walk around the store, not only is it on a scenic sim but I love Nerenzo’s furniture.

Teleport to the store now: Nerenzo

Enjoy and have plenty of fun 😉

Lots of Love

♥ Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts

2 Free Cargo Fatpacks

Evie COVID-19 Group Gift

Evie’s is giving away these awesome Cargo Pants the group gift contains 2 fatpacks. There is a Jeans fatpack and a Leather fatpack.

– 18 Jeans colors
– 13 Leather colors
– 10 Metal colors
– Side Pockets can change color separately (18 jeans and 13 leather),

Sizes: Legacy – Maitreya – Hourglass – Freya

To get the gift you need to be a member of the Evies group, which is free to join.

Click here to teleport to Evies – LM:

If you do get the gift please share how you are looking. It’s a favourite thing when people share photos.

Stay safe and healty.

♥ Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts · SL Hunts, Games & Quests

Go find that Toilet Paper!!!

Toilet Paper Hunt at Safira Mainstore


With the Covid-19 virus being a threat in all countries, Safira have given some comic relief and hidden 3 toilet paper rolls around the store. Each roll has a gift inside. With all the running around I even managed to get some stuck on my shoe.

While you are at the store you can see if your lucky letter comes up, and grab the all the group gifts that are there.

Safira Group costs 50L$ to join.

Telport to the store: Safira Mainstore

Go find that toilet paper, happy hunting and gift finding ♥ Stay healthy and look after yourselves x

♥ Chrystal ♥