SL Black Friday Deals

Looking for all the SL fab black Friday deals, then check out this document (it’s safe I promise), I have also added the stores that I know about below. Black Friday List

Phedora40% storewide, 50L$ GatchasLM27 Nov -1 Dec
ViSion50% Store and Gatchas, not giftcardsLM26 – 30 Nov
Addams 500L store CreditLMExpires 29 Nov
TACHINNI50% StoreLMuntil 7 Dec
ISON50% StoreLMuntil 30 Nov
Vanilla bae50% FatpacksLMUntil 30 Nov
Amara Beauty50% StoreLM
Nail Flux50% bodies & SkinsLMUntil 30 Nov

Enjoy everyone and shop till you drop

Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts

Gift’s @ Mangula

Sofia Dress and Heels from Mangula

Mangula has a wall of subscriber gifts – fat and Mega/gran Packs; that I had to share with all of you.

  • And the gifts vary with these sizes (Just check):
  • Belleza
  • E-Body
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Perky
  • Maitreya
  • Slink
  • Curvy
  • Freya
  • HG
  • Kupa (in the lastest gifts)

LM: Limo

Enjoy and look beautiful ♥

Chrystal Terr

SL Hunts, Games & Quests · SL Places that have to be explored

Halloween S&!t-yourself Rides

Hello terrific people

I know its almost the end of October and Halloween is just a few days away; here are some awesome things to do for Halloween, before its all over.

DRD – Death Row Designs Hunts

I committed the Paynesworths!!

Death Row Designs Halloween theme is The Asylum, and there are 2 hunts namely:

The Asylum Hunt and The Paynesworth Family Hunt

I love these because you get discover the family’s skeletons in the closet (Evil laugh). This hunt is still running until November 10th and there’s a photo competition too

Have a look at the website for more information: Death Row Design

Disclaimer – Beware you might lose your mind!!

Teleport: Death Row Designs

Haunted – Feel like a haunted ride?

‘Haunted’ has a sorta scary, very scenic train ride that lasts 20 minutes. We went twice!! Click here to get there Haunted

Halloween @ Embraced

If blood & gore don’t scare you then maybe Darkness will!
Three main rides, including the brand new “The Ghastly Manor” built by Kuva Nishi,  2 rides tours (Train and Haunted Doombuggy), Dark Pirate Ship & zipline to the Pirate Cove.  There are 3 gifts to be collected

I highly recommend this sim which is owned by: Aislen Atheria & Kuva Nishi

Runs until 3rd November

Here is your ride:  Embraced

MadPeas ~ Halls of Horror Interactive Hunt

An innocent night of trick or treating leads you to a mysterious mansion and a harrowing fight for your life! A spooky interactive adventure that will have you screaming for more from MadPea. Will you survive the Halls of Horror and win all the prizes? 

This is a paid hunt but at the end of it you will be getting some pretty cool gifts from some really great collaborators

Cost of this Hunt: 300L$

Here’s your ride:  Halls of Horror Start

The Haunted Mansion


Here there are getting 6 parts to explore

  • Haunted Mansion ride that is based on Disneys
  • Walk through insane asylum
  • An abandoned 1950’s thrill ride
  • zombie battle post-apocalyptic domed city

THE HAUNTED MANSION RIDE Thrill Ride scary haunted house carnival horror EVIL DEAD hunt Oculus vr & home to the Fun Rides and Amusement Parks of SL group. disney tribute 100,000 visitors bring friends and family friendly fun year round halloween FREE

Heres your ride: The Haunted Mansion Ride


Scare yourselves silly

Chrystal Terr

In World Tours · SL Places that have to be explored

Monsters by Cica Ghost

Monsters tea party
Taking a chance and dancing on the table

I am not going to write much, all I have to say is:

Drop what ever you are doing right now, and get yourself over to Cica Ghost’s ~ Monsters!! , before it’s gone!! Her art work is always super fun and if you fall in love with it, it’s usual up for sale. For more info about Cica, see the links below.

If you do pay the sim a visit please leave a comment below; the follow button is below, it would really make my day if you click that too.

Keep smiling and stay Terrific

Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts

Annika Hair Dollarbie

This is the second Vallani dollarbie that is available for you on mp

Vallani Dollarbie click Here to get it for 1L on mp

This hair uses Vallani’s Animate Hud to bring your hair to life, you can choose from a wide array of bento animations for your hair.

4 Style Options are included for diverse customization.

60 different tintable textures allow to find the hair color true to you!

Please let me know if you do get this hair, would love to see some photos. Don’t be shy to click the the follow button below.

Stay Terrific

Chrystal ♥

Free Gifts

Vallani Ellie Hair Dollarbie

Vallani ~ Ellie Hair Gift [Bento Animated]

As promised everyone here is another dollarbie that I found on Market Place.

Click here for this pretty Bento Hair that only costs 1L$ on mp.

This has an Animate Hud to bring your hair to life. With the click of a button you can choose from a wide array of bento animations for your hair.

4 Style Options are included for diverse customization.

60 different tintable textures allow to find the hair color true to you!

Please share a photo if you do get it, would love to see how look, and please click the follow button thats below somewhere ♥

Stay Terrific in SL

Chrystal ♥


Giant Snail races


LM:  Racing Fun

Yes you read right … GIANT Snail races!!!

This weekend 15 and 16 May 2020 there are relay for life races, start time is 11:00AM get there by 10:30 ish.  This is where the race will take place, click HERE to tp.

Giant snail races take place every Saturday at 10.30 in SL.  This is where it all happens – Racing Fun

Slow and steady wins the race that’s for sure, for me.

You have 2 options: race as yourself and get the arrow hud, or become a HUGE snail and race as fast as you possibly can along an obstacle course, avoiding sharks and cars oh and cows.  If you are just wanting to be a spectator that’s another option and you will be able to listen to the commentary.

On Fridays you are able to race as yourself.

You can watch the latest races on YouTube and here is the link for the 2020 Mother’ day race

Click this link to learn about how to race: Giant snail racing made easy

These races occur every Saturday, and it seems like a huge event, people get all dressed up and attend.

Where: Racing fun

Have an absolute fabulous time

Chrystal Terr ♥